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Friday, July 22, 2016

Young Living Essential Oils Ginger Essential Oil

Oil of the Week
Week 4
Ginger Essential Oil

After researching this little gem of an oil, I think it could be the Swiss Army Knives of Essential Oils that no kitchen or bathroom vanity should be without...

As noted in the Sixth Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference, Gingers historical data: "Traditionally Ginger was used to combat nausea." The medical properties: "Anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant (see caution below), digestive aid, anesthetic, expectorant, antifungal."
The Essential Oils desk reference also mentions such uses for Ginger as: "Rheumatism/arthritis, digestive disorders, respiratory infections/congestion, muscular aches/pains, nausea."
The fragrant influences are "gentle, stimulating, endowing physical energy, courage."
Applications are:
1 part essential oil and 1 part carrier oil then apply a few drops at location. Apply to Vita Flex points. It can be inhaled directly from the bottle, and also diffused. Lastly it can be taken as a dietary supplement.

Caution: "Anticoagulant properties can be enhanced when combined with Warfarin, aspirin, etc."

Essential Oils Desk Reference. U.S.A.: Life Science PUB. Print. pg. 107

Friday, July 15, 2016

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Young Living Essential Oils Diffuse Blend Lemon Jade with Lemon

That "I've been cleaning my house all day" Smell
Yes, it can be found when diffusing Young Living Jade Lemon and Lemon Essential Oils together!

With added benefits too...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Young Living Essential Oils Tangerine

Oil of the Week
Week 3
Tangerine Essential Oil

According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference Sixth Edition, Tangerine essential oil has medical properties: "Antitumoral,  relaxant, antispasmodic, digestive aide, and circulatory enhancer; rich in limonene, which has been extensively studied in over 50 clinical studies for it's ability to combat tumor growth." 
It's also known for promoting happiness and relaxation. The calming properties of tangerine aides in reduction of nervousness, anxiety, and depression.  

Essential Oils Desk Reference. U.S.A.: Life Science PUB. Print. pg. 164

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Young Living Essential Oils Jade Lemon

Oil of the Week
Week 2
Jade Lemon Essential Oil 

Jade Lemon is a wonderful lemon lime aroma and flavor. This oils is perfect diffused with lemon essential for clarity of mind as well as stimulate the mind while preparing for an exam or study session. 

According to the Young Living Essential Oils Website Jade Lemon is beneficial in many ways:
It can be used as a dietary supplement, topically, and aromatically. 
  • Diffuse to uplift and stimulate the mind and body.
  • Add 10–15 drops to Young Living lotions and shampoos to energize the spirit.
  • Combine with sea salt, V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, and Lavender to exfoliate the skin.
  • Use as a cleanser to remove stickiness or grease from surfaces; remove gum from hair; or remove crayon or permanent marker from walls.
  • Mix with Citronella essential oil for a pleasant, citrus-scented insect repellant.
  • Add to dishwashing detergent for a spot-free rinse and to help clean your dishwasher.
  • Use 8–10 drops with water in a spray bottle to freshen the air.
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