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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Do you want to kick that soda to the curb? Here's an idea...

I get it, Coke is my soda of choice and I know it's not the good for me. I also like to drink water plain, but sometimes it just doesn't shout out "WOW I needed that" after I'm finished. Then I tried Young Living Lemon Essential Oil (which came in my Premium Starter Kit) in my water. I began to notice I wasn't craving sugar/soda while I was drinking my lemon water. I shared it with a colleague and she noticed the same thing.  Can you say Bonus?!? Now, look at all the choices Young Living has to offer, can you find one that reaches out to you?
I will share a few tips, use a glass container. Before adding water put a dash of sugar or salt (remember just a dash) in the bottom of your glass. Add the oil/oils (mix them together if you want to live on the wild side) to the granules and let the combination dissolve. Add water and ice, treat yourself to a straw, and enjoy. I have found you can fill the glass up again and there will still be a bit of yummy goodness left.

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