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Monday, June 27, 2016

Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits With Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils
Oil of the Week
Week 1
Marjoram Essential Oil

WOW, does this little bottle pack a punch. 

According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference Sixth Edition, Marjoram helps with relief of muscle discomfort as well as soothing over all body and joint discomfort. May soothe digestion discomfort as a general relaxant. Can aid in lowering high blood pressure due to its overall relaxing properties. 
Marjoram, also known for its relief of symptoms associated with arthritis/rheumatism, headaches, respiratory infections, menstrual problems/PMS. As well as relief of fungal infections, ringworm, shingles, sores, spasms. Aides in reduction of fluid retention.  
Marjoram Applications:
Dilute 1 part essential oil with your choice of carrier oil
Apply a few drops topically on location
Apply to Vita Flex Points
Inhale directly from bottle
Take as a dietary supplement

Essential Oils Desk Reference. U.S.A.: Life Science PUB. Print. pg. 128

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