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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cooking for One is Difficult, but You Really Can Do It

I'm trying something new in 2016 
 I've been cooking at home and have found it to be quite rewarding. The past few years I've found myself in the trap of getting dinner at a drive-in. I noticed my waistline growing and my pocket book shrinking. Quite frankly just the opposite of some goals I'm trying to reach.
 I have not purchased a lunch or dinner out in over two weeks now, and I really feel good about it. I've done some grocery shopping with meals/snacks in mind. Also, I've opened up the freezer and found food and meat I've already purchased.
 I like to cook easy recipes with few ingredients and I don't mind leftovers, so I keep this in mind when I cook as well.
These are a few of my favorite home cooked meals:
Taco Soup
Homemade Pizza
Grilled Cheese (these come in handy those days before payday)
For snacks:
Cottage Cheese with pineapple or mandarin oranges
Grape/Cranberry juice
Flavored water. Not carbonated at all as I add the flavoring

I would love to hear how you cook for one and any new ideas!

Have a Grand Day,
Update 4/49/2016 Still sticking with my goals! I tried this new trend this week, YUMMY

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