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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Insomnia and Essential Oils, Do You Want To Sleep Like a Kitten on a Sunday Afternoon?

Essential Oils and Insomnia

I have suffered with insomnia all of my adult life, and with lack of sleep other health issues have crept up over the years. It has led to frustration as I don't see how people can fall asleep right after hitting the pillow and stay asleep through the night. I'm happy to share how I've had the joy of falling asleep fast and staying asleep until one of my pets wakes me up wanting outside :).
One of the MAJOR reasons I wanted to try Young Living Essential Oils is to help with my insomnia. Much to my surprise and relief I have had amazing results using essential oils from Young Living to sleep better. Most nights I don't even remember falling asleep when I used to lay awake for what seemed like hours before falling asleep. 
I've been trying different oils and combinations of oils and have found a combination thus far that works. I diffuse Stress Away along with Citrus Fresh. Both of these oils are blends from Young Living Essential oils. The Stress Away is one of the 11 oils includes in the Premium Starter Kits.

I will continue to use and experiment with different oils and combinations. I had to share this one right away because it works for me. Please check in and stay tuned for more Oily ideas.

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